In this corner of Molise, on the Adriatic Sea, between the towns of Vasto and Termoli, in a slightly hilly area, the conditions have always existed for practicing good agriculture and here are the ideal conditions for realizing one of the basic principles of biodynamic: the vision of a company as a fully integrated agricultural organism.

La Fattoria Di Vaira” is a company with a long history, for decades manage dby the Di Vaira family.
Well known in Molise to be the largest agricultural company in the region, was entrusted, on the death of the owner, to a foundation that would guarantee the continuation of its agricultural activity, but also the attention to education of young people.

Finally, after decades of autonomous management in 2006, the turning point: the Foundation’s board decides to manage the company in a structurethat preserves its original purpose.
And it is at this point that a number of subjects like, the EcorNaturaSì group, Valter Desiderio (a historic farmer from Molise), several specialized organic stores and other operators in the sector, consumers and friends of biodynamic, have joined the initiative and today Fattoria di Vaira can count almost 100 shareholders, with the aim of:


  • Creating a fully integrated and autonomous biodynamic body.
  • Developing a project of aggregation and transparency in the supply chain.
  • Producing biodynamic quality products.
  • Experimenting the latest techniques in biodynamic agriculture and extend these experiences to the agricultural world.
  • Promoting the training of young farmers in biodynamic agriculture.
  • Hosting people interested in rural tourism.

More than an agricultural company a fully integrated organism.
A farm is realized in the best sense of the word, if it can be conceived as a kind of individuality in itself, as an organism in itself.
Important is also the presence of eight artificial lakes that enrich the landscape and biodiversity of the place and provide emergency irrigation.