The good and methodic practice of biodynamics allows the soil to regenerate in a natural way and to fill  itself with nutrients that will then pass to plants
(See pic below for a confrontation between a conventional soil on the left and one treated with biodynamic on the right)

The further result of the correct practice of biodynamic (only through a methodical usage of biodynamic preparations) is to obtain stronger plants and more “expressive” fruits.
The term “Expressive”  assumes a particular value in biodynamic and means increasing the “Epigenetic Expression”.
The DNA of the plants contains all the information that is needed for the organism to express itself to his fullest potential but only these information are not sufficient in itself, being the expression of a plant, as well as that of any organism, strongly influenced by the external environment.

The answer is

For this reason, in soils treated with chemistry without biological and vital structure,the plants cannot express all their potentialities.
The result is a poor fruit (See pics on the right) from the point of view of the structure (See pics below) that you need to support in the cellar once again using chemistry.
Biodynamic overcomes this perverse model by working on health of soils that produce fruits that do not need any integration, real expressions of plants and territories.


The biodynamic wine is richer in structure and texture (see pic above) compared to that of a conventional product (See pic below)